4 Ways Your Pet Can Go Green in Tulsa

4 Ways Your Pet Can Go Green in Tulsa

There are many ways you can live a greener and more environmentally conscious lifestyle at our pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa. Something you might not know is that there are ways your pet can go green at home, too. While your pet can't exactly follow the three Rs of green living (reduce, reuse, and recycle), here are a few ways you can make sure to … [Read more...]

Ways to Keep Your Healthy Lifestyle in Tulsa’s Winter

The Fitness Center at Courtyards

With winter coming, it can be difficult to keep fit. You have these wonderful apartments in Tulsa with fitness center that make staying healthy easy for you. You can access it at your convenience and workout. Here are some ways to keep your healthy lifestyle in the winter. Keep an eye on your goals. As long as you have your goals in mind you will … [Read more...]

Don’t Miss Winter Events at the Gilcrease Museum

Don't Miss Winter Events at the Gilcrease Museum

If you are looking for something to do that will get you out of your Tulsa apartment, there are plenty of events at Gilcrease Museum that you can participate in. Whether you're looking for live music or educational programs, not to mention all of the great exhibits and displays, the Gilcrease Museum has a variety of activities and things to do that will … [Read more...]

Make Laundry in the Courtyards a Breeze With These Tips

Laundry Tips

Sometimes you put it off for too long because it takes forever, you forget you started it or you may just not seem to have time for it. Regardless of your reasoning, doing laundry can be easier with a few simple tips. Tulsa apartments with washers and dryers make it easy to do laundry in your own home, however a few tips can make it seem even … [Read more...]

Check Out the Tulsa Oilers Schedule for Upcoming Games

Tulsa Oilers

With a history dating back to the 1930, the Oilers are getting ready to hit the ice at the BOK Center and entertain the masses with another season of hockey games in Tulsa. Head coach Bruce Ramsay is entering his sixth season leading the Ice Oilers and recently announced the signing of veteran forward Michel Beausoleil. A native of Montreal who now … [Read more...]

5 Things a Puppy Needs to Live Happy in Your Tulsa Apartment


Getting a new puppy at our pet-friendly apartments in Tulsa is an exciting time. However, it is important to be prepared. Make note of the following items that you will need for your pup. A collar and leash is absolutely necessary. An adjustable nylon collar with a buckle will suffice for his first collar. As he grows, you will need to replace … [Read more...]

Join the Vegetarian Society of Tulsa for Monthly Potluck


Our apartments near LaFortune Park provides good living amid our spacious floor plans, outstanding apartment features and superb community amenities. You can also enjoy the benefits of our superb location, close to some of the best family-friendly activities and events in Tulsa. If you are looking to combine fun social outings for the whole family … [Read more...]

How to Clean Your Tulsa Ceiling Fans While Staying Dust Free

Cleaning Your Ceiling Fans

You know the feeling. You thought you had the place sparkling clean when you sat down to relax for a few minutes. Then your gaze went to the ceiling fans. In the center of our luxury apartments in Tulsa, you see the brown fuzzy edges of the ceiling fans. You immediately conjure visions of sticky dust floating through the air, falling into your hair and … [Read more...]

OKC Thunder Against Minnesota at the BOK Center

OKC Thunder Against Minnesota at the BOK Center

The truth of the matter is, no team could stop the San Antonio Spurs last season, on their way to their fifth NBA championship. The Oklahoma City Thunder put up a valiant in effort, losing in the Western Conference Finals to the Spurs. The Thunder were hampered by the injury to big-man Serge Ibaka late in their playoff run. Our Tulsa apartments … [Read more...]

Marvel at Hand Decorated Treats at Cookiedoodle in Jenks

Marvel at Hand Decorated Treats at Cookiedoodle in Jenks

You might be able to count the number of cookie shops near Tulsa on two hands, but for sure Cookiedoodle in Jenks should be among the top ten. They're at 377 E Main St and the folks there have made cookie making and decorating into a high art form. There's not an occasion out there that the Cookiedoodle bakers can't make into one of their cake-like … [Read more...]

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4 Tips to Help Residents Have a Comfortable Move-In Day

4 Tips to Help Residents Have a Comfortable Move-In Day

There are many things that property management companies can do to help new residents move in smoothly. These move-in day tips will help make the process comfortable, leading to a strong relationship with your new residents from day one: A good moving day experience can start before the removal van even arrives. Help relieve the stress by … [Read more...]

Curb Appeal: Ways to Make a Property Beautiful in the Winter

Curb Appeal Ways to Make a Property Beautiful in the Winter

Taking care of an apartment community isn't always easy. You'll want to make it look good and appealing. If you are trying to increase property curb appeal in the wintertime, this can be a challenge. There are a few tips to help you out. When it comes to property curb appeal, here are some ways to make an apartment community beautiful in the … [Read more...]

Property Managers: The Best Colors to Paint Apartments

Property Managers The Best Colors to Paint Apartments

As property managers, it is important be on top of apartment paint color trends and pick shades that residents won't mind. For instance, you'll want to pick a color that will appeal to a wide group of people. Make note of the following painting ideas for apartments. Pick a shade that is neutral or lightly tinted, staying away from bright, bold … [Read more...]

How to Make Your Apartment Community Feel New Again

How to Make Your Apartment Community Feel New Again

Anyone moving into an apartment loves the look and feel of their unit. But after a while, it will start looking used. Here are some apartment maintenance tips to help refresh the look of your apartment community. Help keep the community looking beautiful by picking up after yourself. Don't allow your personal outdoor space to be neglected. You can … [Read more...]

Creative Events to Bring the Apartment Community Together

Creative Events to Bring the Apartment Community Together

Apartment communities can offer wonderful floor plans and beautiful facilities tot draw residents in. However, it's a thriving community feeling that turns housing units into a home. Using a little creativity and some resident retention tips, it's not too hard to host events that bring people together, get them laughing and talking, and help forge … [Read more...]